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We save entrepreneurs the headache of all the legally required
paperwork they need to start and protect their brand and business.


Imani Law

At our law firm, we believe that starting a business should be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, navigating the legal requirements can be overwhelming and time-consuming.


That's where we come in.

We provide a wide range of services that cover everything from business formation to intellectual property protection.


With our experienced attorneys and straightforward approach, we take the headache out of all the legally required paperwork so entrepreneurs can focus on growing their business.

How we can help you

LLC​  Formation

Professional Corporation formation

Trademark my brand

Contract​ Templates

Protect YOUR business and

Own YOUR Brand 

YOU'VE invested so much in creating it, now WE Protect It.

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We take care of everything for you and make law fun.

Our Simple Process


We advise you on the legal needs for your business and create a custom legal strategy for YOUR business.

​The best part? the consult fee gets credited as a discount to the service you book with us!



We evaluate your business and walk you through everything you need to be fully legally protected.



We take care of all the legal drafting, filing, and procesess.​


You can relax knowing your business is legally protected and set-up the correct way. 


Don't take our word for it, here is what our client's have to say...


Imani Law's partners are 5-star lawyers! I never regretted hiring them as they turned out to be amazingly knowledgeable, always available to answer my questions or provide advice, and extremely pleasant to work with. The attorneys answered all my emails very promptly. Additionally, they prepared all

Maxime Bassenne

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I love Imani Law's streamlined LLC formation process - it was so easy and painless! I had tried to DIY my LLC and got overwhelmed. Then I had spoke with a local lawyer who made it seem extra complicated. I was so relieved to find Imani Law's single fee, all inclusive, done-for-you LLC service. I will definitely refer my friends. I plan to return for trademark services in the future. Thank you so much!

Brooklyn Gillespie


These two ladies are AMAZING! I have used their services for my trademark and for my professional corporation. They were so professional, so helpful, so kind, so communicative and all around AWESOME. 10/10 recommend! 🖤

Elyce Mandich

  • Do I need an LLC, a Corp (Inc.) or a PC?"
    Depends on what you plan on doing with your business. In California, if you are a licensed professional, you are required to be a "Profesisonal Corporation" (PC). If you are not a licensed professional, you can be either a corporation or an LLC. Both provide the same legal protections. However, an LLC has less corporate formalities and therefore the most popular! During our consult, we will get to know you and your business and advise you on the business structure that is right for you!
  • What can I trademark?
    Anything that identifies your brand. This can be your brand name, your logo, or your slogan (all brand identifiers)!
  • How do I know if I need to trademark my brand?
    Simple. Ask yourself this question: If someone stole your brand name or logo to sell their products, would you be upset? If you answered YES....then you need a trademark! If you do not trademark your brand, then someone else can trademark it before you do, and you will have to re-brand!
  • What's the difference between an LLC and trademark?
    Your LLC is a business entity, it protects your personal assets and separates them from your business assets. On the other hand, a trademark protects your brand name/ logo, and prevents copycats from being able to successfully steal your branding!
  • What your fee structure?
    All of our rates are flat-rate fees. We do not charge hourly like other attorneys. We like to be transparent and provide everything you need in our package deals so you know exactly the value you are receiving. All our packages include the filing fees- so there are no surprise costs!
  • Why not just use Legal Zoom?
    Legal Zoom just takes what you plug into a document and files your input with your State. There is no attorney to look over it. So essentially, you pay them money only to end up not getting the legal protection of an LLC. We have an attorney carefully review and draft all your legally required documents and we offer attorney concierge services from the beginning through the end of your business formation and/or trademark services. Our welcome packet gives you exactly what you need to maintain the legal protections that an LLC provides. We also provide you with THREE legally required contracts you need for your business so that you are legally protected. Legal Zoom does not include those in their package. Basically, we take care of our clients! You can check out our comparison chart on our LLC page here.
  • Can I file for an S corp status if I have an LLC?
    Yes. We file the right forms you need to elect for the S corp status!

More testimonials from our clients...

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