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Know the Business Entity Structure that is BEST for You 

Corporation and Professional Corporation Formation - From Start to Finish, We Are Here for You.

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Why Form a Corporation? 

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Tax benefits

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Transferability of Ownership


Shields you from Debts and Liabilities

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Separates your personal and business assets

Our Packages*

What Makes Imani Law Different? 

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This is so important and it's required for all corporations!

We include ALL the required parts you need to be in compliance so you can leave all the guesswork out!

Comprehensive Attorney Welcome Packet

We provide a welcome packet with everything you need to know about keeping your corporation in compliance

*All Our Packages include: 

  • EIN

  • Application and Certification

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Corporation Minutes

  • Comprehensive Attorney Welcome Packet

What Our Clients Say About Us 

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