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Book a consult to get started on your holistic legal check-up, or choose from one of our menu items below to get started!  

A formal business structure is crucial! It keeps the business assets separate from your personal assets. This means that if the business cannot pay for its debts such as business credit card debt or business loans, then the creditor cannot seek repayment from any of your personal assets.

We specialize in Business Formation services from start to finish in any state. We will:

  • Advise you on which entity structure is best for you;

  •  Draft the required organizational documents;

  • Provide you with all the information you need to know to  maintain your corporate status; and

  • Get you started on everything you need as an entrepreneur.


Every entrepreneur has a brand that they need to legally protect and own - and this is where trademarks come in! Trademarks protect your intellectual property, including your brand name, logo, slogan, podcast/course name, etc.  

We will advise you about trademark protection and:

  • Complete a comprehensive search;

  • Prepare and file your trademark application;

  • Assist with gathering the required documentation;

  • Respond to all non-substantive office actions;

  • Prepare and file Statements of Use and/or Extension Requests;

  • Correspond with the trademark office

  • Serve as the Attorney of Record through the entire process for you application (9-18 months) to ensure smooth processing

A copyright protection is one of the most valuable assets you can own to protect your creative work! 


Copyrights protect your creative intellectual property  such as your:

  • Blog posts;

  • Photographs;

  • Course content;

  • Podcast content;

  • etc. 

A copyright registration prevents people from using your work/profiting off it without your permission. 

We will advise you of your creative rights, how to protect them, how to monetize off of it, and how to transfer it. 




Every business needs multiple contracts to keep it protected.


Contracts are solidified to clear any confusion, hold parties accountable, make sure deadlines are met, make sure you get paid, and keep you legally protected! 


Our contract terms are carefully crafted with other required terms and conditions. 


We draft, review, and revise, all key contracts that you will need to start your business and keep it protected!⁣⁣⁣ 


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