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Virtually every entrepreneur creates content, and therefore, owns copyrights. As entrepreneurship attorneys, it is our job to help you understand those rights, how to protect and monetize them, and how to transfer them.

What Is A Copyright?

Any literary, artistic, educational, or musical work of art that you created:

  • photos

  • videos

  • podcast scripts

  • blog posts

  • books

  • website content

  • designs

  • etc.

Why Should I Register my Copyrighted Work?

Even though your work is automatically protected once you create it, copyright registration allows you to:

  • Recover Statutory Damages

    • ​This means that the person that infringed on your work needs to pay for doing so. 

    • Also, the infringer needs to pay our attorneys fees in a lawsuit. 

  • Sue the person that infringed on your work.

Need a consult to go over how many/what types of works you would like to copyright?

Need a Copyright Assignment Agreement?

We have a template for you!

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