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Get to know us!

We're Carmel and Camellia Imani- two sisters who grew up with family-owned businesses all around us and understand entrepreneurship.


After working many years at traditional law firms, drafting and defending motions in court, we recognized there was so much more to the legal field than litigation. The traditional suits, going into the office, feeling undervalued and unappreciated, billing hourly rates and exchanging time for money felt unfulfilling and outdated to us. We felt limited by the current law firms out there (ran mostly by elderly men), and we knew we could create a firm that our generation needs: inclusivity, approachability, flat rate fees, transparency, honesty, work-life balance, and a virtual space for connectivity.

We know how important your work is, and we know what it takes to get your creation and business legally protected. 

What you are creating is adding so much value to this world 👏 and we are here to support that by helping you navigate all the legal formalities.

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